What preventative measures can I take to care for the finish?

      Keep your furniture out of bright light and cover it when on vacation. Don’t store it in an overly hot area since heat accelerates oxidation. Use hot pads, coasters and tablecloths to protect the finish. Reduce surface friction with paste wax or furniture polish.

Should I use soap and water to clean the furniture?

      Mild natural soaps, such as Ivory and Murphy’s Oil Soap won’t damage a finish but too much water will, so use soap and water only when the furniture is dirty.

Should I use wax or a liquid/spray polish to protect the finish?

      Both paste wax and spray polish help protect furniture from scratches and add shine. Wax doesn’t evaporate so it works until it is worn or washed off. Waxless polish protects until it evaporates. However, waxless polish picks up dust and dirt well and usually smells pleasant.

Doesn’t wax build up over time?

      Not if applied properly. The excess is rubbed off leaving just a very thin film. When there is no longer any sheen (and you can’t regain the sheen by rubbing it with a soft cloth) you’ll want to reapply the wax. The solvent in the wax will re-dissolve the old wax and it will all become one mixture again.

What brands do you recommend?

      We don’t advocate any particular brand of paste wax or liquid polish, but there is one significant WARNING we must provide. Some paste waxes contain the solvent toluene which is strong enough to dissolve and remove many finishes including waterborne finishes (which is our primary choice for finishing our products). Any polish or wax should be tested on an inconspicuous area before using all over your furniture.


      Have a water stain? Take a rag barely damp with rubbing or denatured alcohol and wipe it. The alcohol may displace the water. Or try a bit of mayonnaise. The oil may do the same.
      Have a small scratch or ding? Get a similarly colored wax crayon stick from a paint or hardware store. Rub it over the scratch until it’s filled then rub the surface with a rag until it’s smooth.

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