Do I need to provide my own designs?

      No, but it helps to have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for. WoodShop Artisans can work with your plans, pictures from a magazine, plans from a designer, or we can help you create a piece unique to your style and needs.

Where do you get your wood from?

      We strive to get all of our domestic hardwoods from local mills. Exotic species are an exception, of course, and we obtain those from quality suppliers. Also, since we make your project ourselves, you are assured that it is not just labelled “Made in the USA”, it IS made in the USA (Missouri, specifically).

Do you use engineered panels?

      Veneer core plywood is an engineered furniture grade panel, so, yes.  We are careful about the products we use, selecting the ones best suited to the project and the life of the piece.

What kind of construction methods does WoodShop Artisans use?

      We pride ourselves on using quality materials and methods such as: mortise and tenon construction, ¾ “ hardwood veneer core panels, hardwood face frames, European concealed hinges and waterborne finishes.

Can you match my antique armoire?

      We can match style, construction and color. Many antiques were built with glues and stains concocted from secret recipes by the individual craftsman, and can contain some pretty unusual things. As for the rich patina that has slowly built up over the last hundred years, only time can provide that.

Do you charge for estimates?

      No. That’s the time when we are working with you to see how best to meet your needs and ensure that we’re right for the job. We believe that an estimate should always be free of charge.

Do you ship or deliver?

      We deliver if it’s within a reasonable distance to us, and can ship if it’s further. We would discuss this with you prior to giving you an estimate. We prefer to deliver so that we can take personal care using our securing methods such as furniture blankets and tie-downs. (Remember, we’ve put a lot of effort into your piece and don’t want to see it harmed any more than you do.)

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

      We take pride in our work and we expect it to be in use as long as your house is still standing. Our cabinets are built for generations of use. And by use, we mean the everyday kind of use, the opening and closing and sliding and working kind of use. If one of our cabinets fails due to defects in the materials or workmanship we will repair or replace it.

Do you have any other questions about us or our shop? We’d be glad to answer them or provide you with a quote for a job! Drop us an email at or give us a call at 417.379.2229.