About Us

I started building furniture for myself as a teenager. It wasn’t out of some love of design or great driving need to create. It was purely out of necessity. We weren’t wealthy, but we had a small barn full of scrap wood and a smattering of tools. I made sailboats for the pond with tin can keels and paper sails and bedside tables that clipped onto the bunkbed I shared with my brothers, Eric and Haven.

Later, I got into building wooden boats. I started with an 18′ touring kayak, and I learned the value of a sharp hand plane. Then, onto canoes and baby cradles for friends.

Boats pulled me from necessity building into the realm of design. While living in Fairfax, Virginia, I met Jim Gutowski, a master cabinetmaker and owner of Creative Woodworks, in Woodbridge, VA. He hired me and promised to teach me everything he knew, under one condition: that when I left his employment, I left the state. He didn’t want to compete with me, nor I, him.

In January of 2002, my wife Angela and I moved back to Missouri and started WoodShop Artisans. Since then, our projects have taken us to Chicago, St Louis, Miami, San Antonio and all over the Midwest. I’ve been called and emailed with questions from as far away as Israel, South Africa and Ireland.

I started building furniture because I couldn’t afford anything else. Now I build furniture for others who won’t settle for anything less than the best. My name is Jason Frantz. I own WoodShop Artisans and I build custom furniture and cabinetry.